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Frequently Asked Questions


When should we contact you?

The easy answer is the sooner the better, especially if we are talking about a wedding. I recommend you contact us at least 6 months before in this case.

You can contact me through my form here or by mail directly by writing to

Delivery time?

I deliver the entire wedding after 15 days. In fact, the next day you will surely already have a "summary" of your big day. I am going to send you at least 20 photos as a summary with the best moments, so that you can enjoy them when you wake up.

What is the investment that we must make to hire you?

With an initial investment of €1,850 including taxes, you can count on the two of us on your big day.

In any case, do not hesitate to contact us to make a budget according to your needs.

How does D-day go?

At weddings we will be capturing all the most intimate and important moments. We are going to make you simply pose during the couple session and the group photos. Throughout the rest of the day: let the love flow!

In a video call, we will tell you in detail how we will work with you.

Do the prices include travel?

Our prices include travel throughout Catalonia, the south of France and Andorra. But we go as far as you want us to go, so do not hesitate to contact us and we will surely agree to capture your incredible love story.

Can we hire an album?

Sure! I work with dreambooksPro, a leading company in the sector. His albums are of excellent quality and with very varied finishes. I offer 30x30cm or 40x30cm albums for €450.

How many photos will we have?

All. I am not going to keep any good photos that can be delivered. You must calculate a minimum of 800 for weddings (depending on the contracted pack)

How do you deliver the photos?

For a wedding or a couple session, I give you the photos online, through a private gallery.

For weddings I also give you your memories on a USB that I will give you by hand or send you by mail.


If you have more doubts or questions, you can contact us through the form or you can write to:

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